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Shiny Shutters Painting Co.

A Division of Master's Touch Painting

Shiny Shutters can transform the image of your home in a day by painting shutters, doors, and trim. No awkward estimating appointments necessary from multiple painting companies. Simply fill out the form for an instant personalized price quote. We offer five different brands of paint in different grades from excellent to good for a total of 16 different paints. Shiny Shutters is your quick and affordable solution to making your home shine again!

Want to dramatically improve the look of your home in less than a day?
Tired of dull doors and shabby shutters?
Don't want the mess and frustration of doing it yourself and want an affordable quality painter?

Painting shutters and your front door is the quickest, most economical way to give your home a fresh new look.

Shiny Shutters Painting Co. is your answer!

What is it? Great and affordable exterior painting. Here's sample pricing based on chosen paint quality, one coat:

  • Shutters from $15 to $23 per shutter
  • Front/garage exit doors from $75 to $90
  • Door casings from $50 to $65
  • Vents are $50
  • Garage doors $125 for single door, $200 for double door, no trim included, exterior only
  • Garage door trim $65 for a single door, $120 for double door, no door included
  • Second and third coats are 50% off the first coat price

Why Shiny Shutters?

What do clients say?

  • "Shutters and door look great!" Bill, 2636 Fairway Dr., Belleville
  • "New color changes our home -- super." Kathy, 4105 Woodland Oak Dr., Swansea
  • "Great service, great work." Marvin, 1501 Renoir, Swansea
  • "It looks fresh and shiny again." Larry Andrea, 4098 Banbury Pl., Swansea

How does it work?

  • Count your items to paint
  • Choose your paint color and shine, one coat or two
  • Calculate the cost using the form
  • Click to schedule your project
  • Conclude, with your home being transformed to shiny prestige, well maintained
It's this easy!
  1. No estimate appointments. You just fill out the form, with your color and paint choice. A 10% down payment is due at this time.
  2. I contact you to set up a time to paint, go over all your questions and concerns.
  3. I arrive and reconfirm all pricing on any wood items needing prep work.
  4. I prepare, paint your items and do a thorough clean-up. Final payment of remaining 90% is due when the work is completed.
  5. Extra paint is left with you for future use. A yard sign is displayed for three days and then collected by Frank.
5% discount for active duty military and seniors (over 65)!

Shiny Shutters is simple -- no estimate appointment and no hard-sell phone calls; just a great price and great workmanship with great materials.

Shiny Shutters Painting Company is:

  • Polite and professional, tidy and reliable
  • Expert Frank the owner does all the work -- no sloppy, uninsured crew at your house!
  • Meticulous work, obsessively thorough prep work, attention to detail
  • Over 53 clients in the Woodfield neighborhoods, 30 in The Orchards, and 13 in Windsor Estates. See customer quotes throughout website.
  • Owner operated. A division of Master's Touch Painting with 33 years of caring service.
  • "A"-rated company by the Better Business Bureau and fully insured.